Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Brown Creeper

The Brown Creeper (Scientific name: Certhia americana) is a small bird found in the woodlands across North America. They particularly like large trees and can be seen moving up the trunk of a tree in a spiral pattern. They are small birds with spine tipped tails and slim bodies and decurved bills. They are streaked brown and buff on top with white underparts. They have a noticeable stripe over the eye.  The photo was taken in September 2014 in Stanley Park, Vancouver, B.C.

Vesper Sparrow

The Vesper Sparrow (Scientific name: Pooecetes gramineus) is a medium sized sparrow that is found mainly in grasslands across the north central U.S. and Canada. They summer as far north as the north of Alberta and Saskatchewan and occasionally into the territories. They are mostly greyish brown with a streaked chest and back. They have a noticeable white eyeing.  Photo was taken in September 2014 at Crescent Beach, Surrey, B.C.

Saturday, October 11, 2014

Gray Jay

The Gray Jay (Scientific name: Perisoreus canadensis) is also commonly known as the Canada Jay or Whiskey Jack. They are found in the boreal forests of North America and in sub alpine forests in the Rocky Mountains as far south as New Mexico and Arizona.  They nest in late winter sometimes in temperatures well below freezing. They are always looking for food and can often be found near campsites and picnic sites scavenging. They will if offered often take food from human's hands.  They are stocky birds with black bills. They are light gray below and darker gray on the back. They have a black patch on the back of their heads. These photos taken at Manning Park, British Columbia in October 2014.