Thursday, November 12, 2015


The Flamingo (Scientific name -Phoenicopterus) is a large wading bird found in Florida, the Caribbean, South America, Mexico, the Galapagos, and parts of Africa and Asia. Although once thought to all be the same species, they have been categorized into six species in various parts of the world. They are a striking bird with long legs, a long neck and large bill. Their feathers range from greyish red (young) to light pink to almost red (adults). It is believed that their diet will cause the differences in the hues of their feathers. Photos taken in Maui, Hawaii in November 2015.

Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Mew Gull

The Mew Gull (Scientific Name - Larus canus) is a small gull common along the Pacific Coast of North America. In Europe these gulls are known as Common Gulls.  They have a mostly grey back, an unmarked yellow bill, a white head and underparts, black wingtips with white spots and yellow legs.  First year birds have a greyish brown head and second year birds still display some greyish brown on the head.  Photos are of what I believe to be a second year bird and taken August 2015 at Guemes Island, Washington. 


The Sanderling (Scientific name - Calidris alba) is a small shorebird that breeds in the Arctic and migrates south as far as South America, Southern Europe, Africa and Australia. In North America it can be found on both the Atlantic and Pacific coasts during migration. The Sanderling adult has black, whit and rust upper parts and rust on the chest with a white under belly. The bill is short and dark and the legs are black. The non-breeding adult displays mainly grey upper parts and a white face and neck.  The photos shown are of a non-breeding Sanderling and were taken in Maui, Hawaii in November 2015.