Friday, May 22, 2015

White-crowned Sparrow

The White-crowned Sparrow (Scientific name - Zonotrichia leucophrys) is a large sparrow with a distinctive head that is found throughout North America from Alaska to the Gulf of Mexico. They are mainly brown with white wing bars and a distinctive black and white striped head. They are often seen hopping on the ground or on low branches. Photos taken (top to bottom) at the Great Blue Heron Wildlife Reserve in Chilliwack, B.C. in April 2014; Whistler, B.C. in September 2013; Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan in May 2015; and Yellowstone National Park in May 2013. 



Harris's Sparrow

The Harris's Sparrow (Scientific Name - Zonotrichia querula) is a large sparrow with a striking head. It can be found in the central part of North America as far north as the Northwest Territories of Canada and as far south as southern Texas. It is rarely found in the eastern or western parts of the continent. It has a distinctive head with a black bib, forehead and crown. Photos taken in Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan in May 2015.      


White-throated Sparrow

The White-throated Sparrow (Scientific Name - Zonotrichia albicollis) is a large sparrow found throughout the eastern and midwestern North America.  It ranges as far north as the Northwest Territories of Canada and as far south as Mexico. They are rare on the west coast but can be found in California. They have a fairly distinctive head with a white throat and black and white head with a yellow stripe between the eye and prominent bill. Photos taken in Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan in May 2015.


Cinnamon Teal

The Cinnamon Teal (Scientific name - Anas cyanoptera) is a small dabbling duck found in ponds and marshes throughout western North America as far north as mid British Columbia and Alberta. They are also found in western South America. The males are brightly coloured  with a cinnamon coloured head and body during breeding season. The female is fairly plain brown with a scalloped pattern on the back and flanks. Photos taken in May 2015 in Valemount, British Columbia.


Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Purple Martin

The Purple Martin (Scientific name - Progne subis) is the largest of the swallows found in North America. In North America they range from the Eastern Seaboard out to the prairies and can also be found in smaller numbers on the West Coast. They breed in North America and migrate south as far as South America. They feed on ariel insects and like to stay and nest in large groups.  The photos were taken in May 2015 in Yorkton, Saskatchewan.


Marsh Wren

The Marsh Wren (Scientific name - Cistothorus palustris) is a small bird found in both saltwater and freshwater marshes throughout North America. They can be heard singing loudly day and night.  They range from the northern part of the Canadian Provinces and south into Mexico.  They are brown with buff breast and black with white streaks on the back and barred tail feathers. They can be seen darting amongst the reeds and perching on the stalks and reed tops.  The photos were taken at Cranberry Marsh in Valemount, B.C. in May 2015.