Thursday, August 20, 2015

Taiwan Barbet

The Taiwan Barbet (Scientific name - Megalaima nuchalis) is a bird endemic to the island of Taiwan.  It is also commonly known as the five-coloured bird because of its head which is patterned with blue yellow and red. The body is mostly green and the males have a distinct red patch under their throat.  They nest in holes in trees and the male and female take turns flying out for food while the other takes care of the nest.  Photos were taken in Da-an Forest Park in Taipei, Taiwan in August 2015.

Female in Nest


  1. What a lovely pallet of colors! Enjoy your journey and as always, thank you for sharing with your keen eye.

    1. Thanks Jeannette. A sad epilogue to this post. The day after Typhoon Soudelor went through, this tree where I took the photos was destroyed and the male bird was in another nearby tree calling and calling. Not 100% sure, but the nest was destroyed and he may have lost his mate.