Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Snowy Egret

The Snowy Egret (Scientific name - Egretta thula) is found throughout South and Central America, the Caribbean and into the Southern United States. They are a medium sized heron with long black legs and yellow feet. The bill is black with a patch of yellow skin at the base. Plumage is white. Photos taken in Cartagena, Columbia (top two) in March 2016 and at Lake Tohopekaliga, Kissimmee, Florida in August 2016.


  1. The visual visitations of egrets, they never come terribly close but for few sterling encounters, are such a quickening for me. They get me right in the appreciative center. I've no photo of a recent splendid sighting and words will fall short too, but perhaps I'll scribble up a description of a beauty I recently encountered.

    1. Would be wonderful to hear of your encounter. Thank you for visiting and sharing...