Tuesday, August 20, 2013


The Osprey (Scientific name - Pandion haliaetus) is a large hawk found predominantly near water as approximately 99% of its diet is fish. It is one of the most widely distributed of the raptors and is found on all continents except Antarctica. In North America it breeds from Alaska to Newfoundland and as far south as the Gulf of Mexico and Florida. North American breeding Osprey migrate to South America. The Osprey is the Provincial bird of Nova Scotia.

Osprey have a predominantly brown back and white underside. They have a slender body and long narrow wings and long legs. The head is white with a brown stripe through the eye. They have a black hooked bill.
The top two photos were taken near Sanibel Island Lighthouse in Florida. The bottom two photos were taken at Jupiter Island, Florida at the dock on the property that was at the time owned by golfer Greg Norman.
All photos taken in March 2011.  

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